Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take A Sad Song And Make It Better, Of Sorts.

Here was me bring productive on Sunday! Eric, my darling husband, had this black hat and I had a Surly Brewing Company patch that I had won at the Surly Open disc golf tournament. He wanted me to combine the two together. Well, after getting creative with a few of my son's plastic boxes for leverage since I don't have any sort of thimbles for hand sewing, I put the patch on the hat! He absolutely LOVES it. He constantly makes comments on how much he likes it and how awesome it is. I, being the ever humble person I am at times, tell him that it wasn't much. Of course, he lets me know constantly that it was plenty, and the hat rocks.

Weather today finally took a turn for the fall-type. This is my favorite time of the year. Dealing with the much more comfortable cooler days after the hot, muggy Minnesota summers, I always get more motivated to do things aside from laying around the house and moaning that it's too hot.

I have some beautiful mint still growing in my back bed. I also have some lavender which I am currently drying in my kitchen. I'm thinking of making some tea with it. Mint and lavender? Sounds like a perfect combination to me. One to welcome fall with open and very willing arms.

Until next time.

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