Sunday, September 18, 2011

Incense is killing my allergies, of course, so has everything in the last couple of weeks. Bahhh. This is what I get when I don't take the beautiful allergy medications. I feel miserable.

I finally decided that I wanted to work on the Holden shawlette. Right now I'm in the midst of the beginning part of it, but hey, same lace pattern for 44 rows then it gets to the fun part of it, I think I can handle that.

On a completely different note, my 10-year high school reunion was this weekend. It was over the course of two days. I tried to the half of it yesterday, but when I got to the park at 12 and there wasn't anyone there yet, I decided to go home and spend the rest of the day with the fam. Friday night though was fun. We all met at one of the local bar/restaurants and had drinks. It was awesome seeing people I hadn't seen in 10 years, or just watched their life unfold before my eyes on Facebook. It also made me realize how few people I actually KNEW. I kept to my circles pretty tightly and didn't tend to deviate out of them too much. Sort of wish I had. Oh well, that's life for you.

It's also funny how something like finally getting a Sam's Club or Costco membership really makes you feel grown up and more complete, at least, that's what it did to me. I know, super weird. But, it makes me feel weirdly accomplished and reassured the fact that we can get a metric ton of things like diapers for Natie and pay a pretty reasonable price for it, or you can get things like quartz heaters or little kids' picnic table and it's a little cheaper. Just makes me feel good and that we are a little bit closer to being finally stable on our feet again. So needless to say this weekend I've been not feeling anxious or a little down like I normally would be.

Until next time...
Enjoy the little things.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Continued Frogging = NOT My Best Friend

So I had a skein of Tofutsies that I got from my mom. I LOVE the color scheme, but when I tried to knit socks, I got hideously bored. So I took a gander over on Ravelry for a pattern that could work for it that didn't include socks. Well, I saw that some one made the Summer Flies shawl out of a skein that they had received as a gift. Now, this shawl is beautiful. I love it. But, I've had to frog the pattern three to four times! I'm sort of debating whether I should cast it back on and try it again, or if I should call it quits and start a new, since it IS starting to feel like fall here and I want to start knitting something warmer so that I can wear it this winter as well as other parts of the year. I'm torn. I really am. Maybe I'll keep it in my queue and use the DK weight, which is what the pattern recommends, rather than the three-ply fingerling weight which this yarn is.

...Until next time, think autumn thoughts!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take A Sad Song And Make It Better, Of Sorts.

Here was me bring productive on Sunday! Eric, my darling husband, had this black hat and I had a Surly Brewing Company patch that I had won at the Surly Open disc golf tournament. He wanted me to combine the two together. Well, after getting creative with a few of my son's plastic boxes for leverage since I don't have any sort of thimbles for hand sewing, I put the patch on the hat! He absolutely LOVES it. He constantly makes comments on how much he likes it and how awesome it is. I, being the ever humble person I am at times, tell him that it wasn't much. Of course, he lets me know constantly that it was plenty, and the hat rocks.

Weather today finally took a turn for the fall-type. This is my favorite time of the year. Dealing with the much more comfortable cooler days after the hot, muggy Minnesota summers, I always get more motivated to do things aside from laying around the house and moaning that it's too hot.

I have some beautiful mint still growing in my back bed. I also have some lavender which I am currently drying in my kitchen. I'm thinking of making some tea with it. Mint and lavender? Sounds like a perfect combination to me. One to welcome fall with open and very willing arms.

Until next time.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Task for anyone out there!

So I acquired this jar today. It's one of those jars with the nice sealing lid to put like, candy or some other sort of trinkets in to display. Well, I want to decorate it and use it for my desk at work. Any suggestions?