Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I made an apron in my high school sewing class, I haven't made one since. But ever since seeing these, it gets me inspired to start making them again and wear them whenever I'm being crafty in the kitchen, or on my kitchen table. (I don't have my own craft room, YET.)

Best technique book EVER!

I forgot to mention something in the post before, so I'll just say it now, my copy of Knit Aid came in and I picked it up this weekend. It's probably one of the best purse-sized knitting reference books I've ever seen. Essentially everything that I've ever had questions on with stitches and techniques, this book has. It ROCKS. I definitely recommend it to anyone who, like me, sometimes forgets how to do something and you're away from home and your internets.

Brain and motivation go poof

So my motivation to work on anything lately has been sort of meh. I finished another flower for my Nagano Sakura scarf, so that makes four flowers done, five more to go. The flowers actually knit up pretty quick and they're so cute! With the yarn I'm using though, SWTC's Bamboo yarn in April for the contrasting color, and Lilac for the main color, they will be beautiful, soft, and a beautiful contrast to the Lamb's Pride yarn that I'm using, the flowers will not be able to felt like the pattern calls for. Why did I decide to use a yarn that didn't felt for a project that has me felt the flowers? I couldn't resist, I love bamboo....

We'll see how it turns out.

I'm also sort of stuck for motivation for my grandma's birthday present. I'm like, 2/3 the way done with this cross stitch that I'm making for her that involves Dr. Mario, a tablet, and one of the germs from the game. When I'm done with them, I'll post pictures.

I hope with the fact that I have these next two weeks off from class, this will make my crafting notion spark again, but, then again, who knows with me!