Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Continued Frogging = NOT My Best Friend

So I had a skein of Tofutsies that I got from my mom. I LOVE the color scheme, but when I tried to knit socks, I got hideously bored. So I took a gander over on Ravelry for a pattern that could work for it that didn't include socks. Well, I saw that some one made the Summer Flies shawl out of a skein that they had received as a gift. Now, this shawl is beautiful. I love it. But, I've had to frog the pattern three to four times! I'm sort of debating whether I should cast it back on and try it again, or if I should call it quits and start a new, since it IS starting to feel like fall here and I want to start knitting something warmer so that I can wear it this winter as well as other parts of the year. I'm torn. I really am. Maybe I'll keep it in my queue and use the DK weight, which is what the pattern recommends, rather than the three-ply fingerling weight which this yarn is.

...Until next time, think autumn thoughts!

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